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Stella is our flagship product. Designed and custom-written over a 15-year span, this software is essential for the modern collectibles dealer to maintain a presence on the web and in the real world. We've tackled the problem of helping you maintain your mail order business while you travel to trade shows. Do you want to list your inventory on you own web site AND eBay at the same time? Stella has your back. Stella can do everything from process orders, generating invoices and mailing labels, to running an online auction. Live auctions you ask? Not a problem for Stella. Now you can dream bigger than ever!
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  • Cloud-based (AWS)
  • Secure
  • Access your data from anywhere

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Live Auction Software

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More bids = happier consignors

Stella's built-in auction functionality allows your clients to bid online before an auction, and use our interactive bidding/auctioneer tool to accept bids in real time during the live event.

Unlike competitor's software who only release the identity of winning bidders, with Stella you know who is bidding at all times and have access to all of their data.

The CTC Catalogs

CTC Catalog

The catalog is one of the most important tools of the collectibles trade.

Most of our projects at CTC start with a good catalog and continue from there. We use our catalog to properly track inventory, research buying habits of our clients, maintain want lists and create research databases. A catalog is a living database that is never completed. If you have a collectibles project that requires an underlying catalog, contact us today.

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  • World Coins
  • U.S. Currency
  • U.S. Stamps

Our Clients...Your success is our success!

Talk is cheap, especially when you are selling your product. But every CTC client is also our business partner. Our software is critical to helping you increase business and we spend every waking moment think of ways to improve your sales and make you more productive. This is no trivial matter, and we choose our partners carefully. Let's talk and see if we can help you...


It takes a coin dealer to build software for coin dealers...

David Lawrence and John Feigenbaum at a coin show around 1986

Back in 2001, John Feigenbaum begged Greg Bradley to come work for him at David Lawrence Rare Coins. John had been working on back-end inventory & client management software (code-named: Stella) for about 10 years and found himself in need of serious help.

Greg, a Navy man with a serious technology/engineering background, came to the rescue and help John take Stella to greater and greater capabilities. Over the years the two built several versions of the web site as well.

By 2012, both John and Greg decided that Stella was in need of a full re-write to take advantage of the latest technologies. More help was needed and the two agreed that Stella was too good to keep to ourselves. It was time to share this beautiful program -- even if it meant giving our coin-dealer competitors access to our golden goose. We soon hired .NET programmer Eric Morris, and added Krissy Roarke as administrative assistant, and the rest of our history is yet to be written.

John Feigenbaum

John Feigenbaum

John leads strategic planning and client relationships at CTC, as well as some lightweight programming. Other than that, we're still trying to figure out what else he does around here...

Greg Bradley

Greg Bradley

Chief Technology Officer
Greg CTC's Wizard of Oz. Somehow he has a handle on the massive amounts of code that have been written and rarely (ever??) is there a problem he can't solve.

Eric Morris

Eric Morris

Head Programmer
Eric is the quiet force behind our modern technology at CTC. Eric's expertise in .NET, Javascript, SOA and SQL reporting are essential components taking our software to the next level.

Kristin Roark

Krissy Roark

Administration/Client Support
Krissy is the glue that binds at CTC. She makes sure that clients are happy, and when changes are needed, Krissy is there to make it right, in a hurry!


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